You Inc. Episode 3: Finding Resiliency with Gene Smith and Creating Inclusivity with Katie Smith

You Inc. Episode Three, Segment One

Your limits should never be limiting. There are hundreds of ways to look at an issue, so why choose the worst when you have the option of choosing the best? Learn about resiliency and the ways in which strong people, like you, can bounce back from any situation through a change in lifestyle.

You Inc. Episode Three, Segment Two

Opening doors opens doors—in both your personal and professional career. Inclusivity has been proven to foster love, respect and success among people. You cannot choose who accepts you, but if you can choose to be accepting, you have a better chance of getting the same in return.

Library Part 1

Smith takes on new role
im Harbaugh Takes Shot At Ohio State And Gene Smith On Twitter by Ryan Phillips
Gene Smith Career

Library Part 2

Why Diversity And Inclusion Will Be A Top Priority For 2016 by Josh Bersin
So Much for Qualifications: Employers Hire People They Like by Belinda Luscombe
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Katie Smith’s Legacy by Nina Mandell
Katie Smith top 20 in WNBA

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