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You will never be as young as you are today, so don’t wait another moment to actualize your dreams and yourself and your business. Let me offer you my skilled services to maximize productivity, boost morale, enhance your relationships and soft skills. Develop your instincts. Time to be in charge of yourself.

Ria’s Menu of Services includes all the courses you need to get your fill on Edutainment from an EQ master and leave you feeling full of enthusiasm and satisfied. Ria has many loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

* The rates listed vary for non-profit organizations.

Seminars and Webinars

Rate: $350/hour

In-person seminars, at your location, of an unlimited range of topics can be performed for groups of 5 to 500. Clinical Library available with hundreds of titles to choose from. Materials in digital format provided as well. Same for webinars also offered through Webex.


Rate: $2500/day

National Speaker on mastering soft skills. Motivational and energizing with the ability to engage and transform audiences. Ria Greiff is a radio show host and producer of two weekly NPR broadcasts, You Inc. and YouTune, whose mission is to elevate the emotional intelligence of the populace.

Wellness Articles

Rate: $450/base word count

As a writer of published articles on wellness for state publications and magazines, you can request tailored articles to meet your needs. They are written in an enjoyable way to motivate readers to delve into the material and leave with impetus toward change. Quizzes, infograms, and other visually interesting facets included as well as sources and resources.

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