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You Inc. Episode 93: Entrepreneurship with Josh Greiff, Matt Weiss, and Ben Belinger

Entrepreneurship is a commonly used phrase these days, which means that some people may be confused on the actual meaning ...
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You Inc. Episode 92: Clarity with Shelly Stotzer

What is clarity useful for? Well, if it involves the brain then having a clear head has lots of benefits ...
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You Inc. Episode 91: Challenge with Sera Koulabdara

Humanity has been learning how to resolve challenges for centuries, but we get out of it more than survival. Embracing ...
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You Inc. Episode 90: Hobby with Lea Gray

Having a hobby doesn’t count against you or mean you aren’t talented or ambitious enough; they can be beneficial in ...
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You Inc. Episode 89: Maturity with Gavin Meyers

Featured today, why is emotional maturity important? There are always reasons not to think maturely, but so many more reasons ...
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You Inc. Episode 88: Talent with Homa Moheimini

There are lots of activities that anyone can do, but at the same time having a talent for something is ...
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You Inc. Episode 87: Rights with Whitney Smith

As a member of a society it is important to recognize and protect our rights. Opinions differ between individuals, but ...
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You Inc. Episode 86: Achievement with Pete Crozier

Few things feel greater than achievements in your life. The daily grind can wear you down but feeling that sense ...
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You Inc. Episode 85: Education with Elizabeth Brown

Knowledge is power and in today's world, the best way to gain knowledge is through education. No matter what you ...
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You Inc. Episode 84: Flair with Suzanne Cotton

Having flair is a great tool to have in life when looking to improve yourself and your career. When you ...
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You Inc. Episode 83: Explore with Paul Sutter

Exploration is an underrated tool for success. When we think of exploring we usually think of hiking or traveling to ...
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You Inc. Episode 82: Gestures with Chas Kaplan

Have you ever had a bad day? All it takes sometimes is one small gesture that can go a long ...
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You Inc. Episode 81: Beauty with Deja Redman

When we look at beauty, we view it as something that is only skin deep. However, beauty is deeper than ...
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You Inc. Episode 80: Launch with Jim Lorimer

Being able to create an initiative and launch right into it is a big part of success. The fear of ...
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You Inc. Episode 79: Hope with Autumn Theodore

Hope is one of the most powerful tools one can wield. It can bring a wealth of light in a ...
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You Inc. Episode 78: Healing with Clint Kiehl

Understanding and being able to heal, whether it is physical or mental, is a big part to life and acheiving ...
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You Inc. Episode 77: Ability with Joanie Calem

Everyone has unique abilities, for some it might be drawing, others it could athletic abilities. Having an ability is a ...
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You Inc. Episode 76 : Culture with Mike Bongiorno

Culture is about building support and fun with the people around you. Making the culture you live in something you ...
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You Inc. Episode 75: Community with Eric Fruth

One of the most powerful things you can gain in life is a team, a community of people in which ...
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You Inc. Episode 74: Compassion with Milo Runkle

One of the best things in life is just being a good person. Somone who is nice and kind to ...
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You Inc. Episode 73: Contribution with Heyu Kelly

Life is all about contributing to something greater than yourself. Whether that is contributing to schools, work, family, and even ...
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You Inc. Episode 72: Participation with Julie North

In order to get further in anything in life you must participate. Whether that is participating in school, work, volunteering, ...
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You Inc. Episode 71: Activism with Gabor Klein

Being able to do what you love and change the world for the better is one of the most amazing ...
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You Inc. Episode 70: Goals with Swamp Yeti

Everybody has goals in life all starting from a young age. Whether it is saving up to buy that toy, ...
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You Inc. Episode 69: Mystery with Dawn Thompson

Even in today's information and social media driven world, there are still many things that remain a mystery to us ...
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You Inc. Episode 68: Curation with Bucky Cutright

Are you careful and particular about what you consume? Learning how to fill your life with the right choices and ...
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You Inc. Episode 67: Fuel with Sangeeta Lakshimi

When you think of fuel, you think about whatever makes a vehicle go. In life fuel can come in many ...
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You Inc. Episode 66: Forgiveness with Deidre Prewitt

Being able to forgive others in life, whether they are friends or enemies is extremely important. Holding grudges and anger ...
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You Inc. Episode 65: Tenacity with Steph Greegor

Have you ever had to push through something hard in life? Have you ever had to buckle down and work ...
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You Inc. Episode 64: Poetry with Hanif Abdurraqib

Life is full of ups and downs, it's full of wonder and sadness, dark and light. It is so hard ...
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You Inc. Episode 63: Improv with Tony Hagood

In life, being able to think quickly and creatively is a big key for whatever life throws at you. Most ...
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You Inc. Episode 62: Spontaneity with Alex Lefeld

Life throws stuff at you that you can't prepare for and can never see coming. Have you ever had a ...
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You Inc. Episode 61: Trust with Rev. Kinneson

Do you have a circle of friends and family you trust? People you respect and feel comfortable around with even ...
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You Inc. Episode 60: Parlay with Patrick McCarthy

Have you ever gambled before? Well if you have taken chances and worked to improve your standing in life, chances ...
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You Inc. Episode 59 : Insight with Matthew Fray

Do you want to be a better co-worker and co-lifer? All you need is a bit of insight into what ...
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You Inc. Episode 58 : Parenting with Dr. Bushman

Violent media effects, managing anger, narcissism and aggression—these are just a few of the topics that arise when taking on ...
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You Inc. Episode 57: Leadership with Mayor Andrew Ginther

He is the leader of our city, and now he is the leader of your brand. This week we discuss ...
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You Inc. Episode 56: Leadership with Maureen Metcalf

Anyone can be a leader if they learn how to follow some simple steps. In this episode, Ria discusses the ...
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You Inc. Episode 55 : LIVE at the Arnold, Strength with Dr. Goldman

Today we are LIVE to the Arnold Sports Festival and what better tool to discuss here than strength! This week, ...
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You Inc. Episode 54: Technology with Erik Jon Slangerup

Technology is the word that has been on everybody’s minds, mouths (and texts) for the last several decades—but is this ...
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You Inc. Episode 53: Confidence with Carol Mosic

What article of clothing looks good on everybody? You guessed it, it’s confidence. Learn how putting on your confidence can ...
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You Inc. Episode 48: Part 1 of Achieving Awareness with Dr. Seth Josephson

The best way to change the way you are viewed is to change how you view others. It is easy ...
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You Inc. Episode 52: Blending Part 2 with Eva Cataland, Lori McCaughn and Cheryl Johnston

Welcome back to part two of our series, blending, featuring guests Eva Cataland, Lori McCaughn and Cheryl Johnson. Last episode ...
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You Inc. Episode 51: Blending Part 1 with Eva Cataland, Lori McCaughn and Cheryl Johnston Part 1

This important episode of You Inc. was so intense, that we decided to break it into two episodes. Join us ...
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You Inc. Episode 50: Fusion with Rossen Milanov

Make your perfect life-pizza using this important tool: fusion! Every building needs the cement to fuse together various pieces and ...
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You Inc. Episode 49: Part 2 of Seth J. and a special Determination show with Shannon Hall

Becoming aware takes time—that’s why this You Inc. has two parts! Join Dr. Seth Joseph again today as he explains ...
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You Inc. Episode 48: Part 1 Achieving Awareness with Dr. Seth Josephson

Dr. Seth Jospephson takes on a journey to the depths of our selves in order to access awareness of our ...
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You Inc. Episode 47: A Talk About Transformation with Bartender & Comedian Amber Falter

Transformation can be more than a physical change; it can also involve changing your perspective and outlook in order to ...
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You Inc. Episode 46: Powering Through Uncertainty with Art Gallery Owner Marlana Hammond Keynes

Uncertainty is an unfortunate aspect of both life and business. This has a major part of life for Columbus art ...
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You Inc. Episode 45: Balancing Work and Love with Married Business Partners Rebecca & Sebastian Ibel

Half of Americans are in dual career relationships. Therefore it is important for us to learn how to navigate life ...
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You Inc. Episode 44: Discussing Dual Career Relationships With Former Dancers Sonia & Jimmy Orrante

Sometimes love feels like a beautiful melody, sometime work is right on tune but, with that said, the two do ...
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You Inc. Episode 43: LIVE at Wonderball With Vicki & Ken Hewes!

The continuation of this dual career relationship series proves that love and work are a two way street. With that ...
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You Inc. Episode 42: LIVE at Art Basel!

Should I stay or should I go? This week we talk about getting down to our roots to discover our ...
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You Inc. Episode 41: Discussing Religion w/ Published Author and Professor Dr. Stephen Kern

These days, talk of religion feels like a battleground—but it does not have to be. Atheist, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddist, ...
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You Inc. Episode 40: A Chat About Grit w/ Entrepreneur Claire Coder

In today’s corporate world, we are too busy to search for our free time and, consequently, become complacent with inadequacy ...
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Celeste Malvar Stewart

You Inc. Episode 39: Deconstructing Design w/ Eco-Minded Clothing Designer Celeste Malvar Stewart

Wake up! It is time to stop sleepwalking through life and design your future. Regardless of what kind of style ...
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You Inc. Episode 38: Musing About Music & Life w/ Internationally Acclaimed DJ / Producer RJD2

Orchestrate your life with the main act as your passion. Your passion is only as strong as your drive to ...
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You Inc. Episode 35: Gratitude, One Year Anniversary Special

This week is a special one as we are celebrating our one year anniversary with a focus on gratitude. As ...
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Kelly and Rhiannon Mehring

You Inc. Episode 37 : Talking Siblings with Vegan Business Partners Kelly & Rhiannon Mehring

Last week you tuned in to learn the power of dynamic duos. And when blood runs thicker than water, success ...
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Ram and Shyam Rajadhyaksha

You Inc. Episode 36: Chatting with Business Partners and Brothers Ram & Shyam Rajadhyaksha

They tease you and teach you, love you and loathe you; they are your best friend and your enemy. Your ...
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Scott Razek

You Inc. Episode 34: Business, Biking & More w/ Brand Consultant and Avid Cyclist Scott Razek

We all remember the first time we tried to ride a bike. Even if we fell, our drive to get ...
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Bill Dawson

You Inc. Episode 33: Gardening for Good with Growing to Green Program Coordinator Bill Dawson

You have been tuning in every Saturday and Thursday to grow your brand, but we are constantly growing. While we ...
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Will Shivley

You Inc. Episode 32: Asking About Addiction with Photographer Extraordinaire Will Shivley

Sometimes the easiest way to find substance in life involves turning to substances.You are not alone. Several other working people ...
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Bucky Cutright

You Inc. Episode 31: Halloween Special with Misfortune Enterprise Founder Bucky Cutright

What’s spookier than a pool of real and fake information? Sorting through it a process known as critical thinking, of ...
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Johnny DiLoretto

You Inc. Episode 30: Chatting About Change with Talk Show Host & Media Personality Johnny DiLoretto

What if we told you change was not a loss—but a replacement? While many fear the unknown result of change, ...
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Live at Comfest and Burning Man

You Inc. Episode 29: LIVE at Comfest and Burning Man

Get out of your house and indulge in your community. After all, the best way to build your brand is ...
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Adrienne Benz

You Inc. Episode 28: Discussing Dance with Professional Ballerina Adrienne Benz

Let your body talk and join Ria in discussing dance. We dance at celebrations and parties, implying dancing is something ...
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Travis Hoewisher

You Inc. Episode 27: Chatting About Comedy with (614) Magazine Editor-In-Chief Travis Hoewisher

This week's episode is no joke-- join Ria in chatting about comedy. Taking time out of your schedule to simply ...
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Staley Munroe

You Inc. Episode 26: Gender with Creative Director, Photographer & Trans Activist Staley Munroe

In this week's episode, join Ria in discussing gender. Our society has made much progress in respets to gender and ...
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Christopher Hoch

You Inc. Episode 25: Family Matters with OSU Marching Band Director Christopher Hoch

Beyond your family of relatives is the family that you choose, your family of friends and communities you participate in ...
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Tommy McClure

You Inc. Episode 24: Looking Fanstastic with Fashion Week Columbus Founder Tommy McClure

Dress well, test well was not just a myth to get you from going to class in pajamas. Fashion is ...
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Wolfgang Parker

You Inc. Episode 23: Rapping About Writing with “Crime Cats” Author Wolfgang Parker

Write your wrongs, write your rights, write it all. Join Ria in learning about how honing your abilities as a ...
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Lisa Baird Panos

You Inc. Episode 22: Embracing Authenticity with Empowering Life Coach Lisa Baird Panos

How can we unwrap our true self when we package it on our social media stories or imbedded in a ...
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Erik Tait

You Inc. Episode 21: Making Magic with Comedian & Magician Erik Tait

So maybe unicorns aren’t real, your partner did not show up one day on a white horse and there exists ...
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Nick Fancher

You Inc. Episode 20: Finding Your Vision with Acclaimed Photographer & Author Nick Fancher

When you start with a vision, you can create a reality. How different could your world be if you opened ...
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Erin Corrigan

You Inc. Episode 19: Figuring Out Festivals with Civic Leader & Festival Organizer Erin Corrigan

Bonnaroo, Lalapalooza, Coachella, these are just a few examples of the huge music festivals that you can enjoy with your ...
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David Ranallo

You Inc. Episode 18: Acquiring About Access with Azoti Founder & CEO David Ranallo

We are all born with an all-access pass to life-- but many are too scared to walk the path to ...
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Pam Nisevich Bede

You Inc. Episode 17: The Importance of Movement with Pam Nisevich Bede

Would you want to watch a movie about your life, or would they both just be you looking at a ...
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Louis Viciedo, Jeff Myers

You Inc. Episode 16: Omnipresence with Louis Viciedo & Jeff Myers

Whether it is the sound of your children asking you to play, boss calling you to a meeting or ringtone ...
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Pam Popper

You Inc. Episode 15: Best-Selling Author & Nutritionist Dr. Pam Popper

A twig, a magician's wand or a drummers stick-- we all view the world in different ways. Join Ria as ...
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Lynette Vaive

You Inc. Episode 14: Manifesting Satisfaction with Lynette and Jim Vaive

Sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves is to listen to others. Join Ria in learning how we ...
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Eric McGraw

You Inc. Episode 13: Sharing Experiences with Global Marketeer & Cultural Liason Eric McGraw

There are those who are book smart, those who are street smart, but we can all practice being culturally smart ...
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Peter Margaritis

You Inc. Episode 12: Maintaining Multiple Roles with Expert CPA & Podcast Host Peter Margaritis

Get your individuality back by multiplying your sense of self. Let Ria teach you the benefits of expanding your hobbies, ...
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Eric Bean, Lenny Kolada

You Inc. Episode 11: Shortcuts with Eric Bean & Lenny Kolada

When Eric Bean took over Columbus Brewing Co. in 2005, the microbrewery was producing 1,500 barrels of beer annually. Last ...
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Artie Isaac

You Inc. Episode 10: Understanding Generational Difference with Artie Isaac

For Artie Isaac, skilled public speaker and motivator, communication comes—in large part—by listening. Learn how to understand generational differences by ...
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Kathy Gill

You Inc. Episode 9: Value Management with Kathy Gill

We all have 168 hours in a given week—how will you spend it? Our time here is limited, so why ...
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You Inc Episode 8: Dual Career Relationships with Development Titans & Partners Kyle and April Katz

While the number of texts, calls and emails you receive from work may make it feel like another relationship, it ...
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Harley Dean

You Inc. Episode 7: Sexual Health with Retired Adult Film Star & Humanitarian Harley Dean

You’ll never be as young as you are today so don’t waste another moment not attending to the most important ...
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Larry Smith

You Inc. Episode 6: Sparking Simplicity with Storyteller Larry Smith

Channel your inner Ernest Hemingway and limit the word-count of your life. Can you limit your life description to only ...
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John Daugherty

You Inc. Episode 5: Open to Optimism with Film Executive Director & Emmy Award Winner John Daugherty

When you open your arms to optimism you may find yourself holding an Emmy—at least that is what happened to ...
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David All

You Inc. Episode 4: Managing Your Fear with Storyteller & Strategic Communicator David All

Your fear may be your friend if you learn how to confront it. Tune in to David All, professional storyteller ...
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Gene Smith, Katie Smith

You Inc. Episode 3: Finding Resiliency with Gene Smith and Creating Inclusivity with Katie Smith

You Inc. Episode Three, Segment One Your limits should never be limiting. There are hundreds of ways to look at ...
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Jami Goldstein, Gregg Dodd

You Inc. Episode 2: Unleashing Creativity with Jami Goldstein & Welcoming Challenge with Gregg Dodd

You Inc. Episode Two, Segment One When the floor stops being lava, we have the choice whether or not to ...
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Josh Miller

You Inc. Episode 1, Part 2: Sharing Charitable Experiences with Josh Miller

The key to happiness may be right at your fingertips. Learn how giving to others can both benefit the receiver ...
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Cheryl Harrison

You Inc. Episode 1, Part 1: Harnessing Dreams with Popular Columbus Blogger Cheryl Harrison

The average person experiences roughly 150,000 dreams by the age of seventy—but what are your dreams really speaking to and ...
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