Her spirit was nothing more but bright and lively which engaged all our attendees throughout the day. Per the feedback, we received several responses:

“The presentation was informative and the presenter was knowledgeable of the content. She provided information and tips that I would never have thought to do or consider.”

“This was the best presentation of the day!”


Overall, Mrs. Greiff was very professional and great to work with from the beginning to the end. For her acceptance to this assignment and job well done, LSS Section Chief Sammy Hanna provide Mrs. Greiff with an FBI coin; as a token of our appreciation.

I listened to your shows, you give good advice for one of the stages at Center Camp, it would definitely fit well in that venue!”

Ria is great. Wish I would have also attended her “Burn Out” session!

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I am extremely grateful you were able to present.

I most appreciated how you
1) Engaged participants by setting the expectation for participation
2) Included activities that required completion and sharing
3) Related the content to work and outside of work

I hope we will be able to work with you again in the future.

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Thanks again for such a great presentation! Definitely a commons of the subject. Engaged all participants well. Able to take participant responses and mold them to fit relevantly into the topic at hand.

Ria has been a wonderful instructor over the years and works well with all of my OPTUM contacts and has been very easy to work with.

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