We do lots of interesting stuff. We are cat lovers, gardeners, college grads, aspiring filmmakers, compassionate activists. We intersect all cultures, ethnicities, genders and lifestyles. We have hidden talents and hidden disabilities, but most of all, we are just like you.

About Ria

Ria Dark MS, LSW, SAP, MHFA is the CEO and Founder of 2Rogues and  Clinical Director of Comprehensive Benefits Consultants. She possesses  experiences from the fields of education, human services, the public and  private sector. A published author and a columnist at the Black Rock  Beacon, she is actively sought out as a speaker at National conferences.  Ms. Dark provides trainings in Mental Health, for EAP, and consults  corporations on employee Mental Health, and is the Clinical Director and  Director of Coaching Operations at Bonfire Digital Wellness. 

Ms. Dark is certified by the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker and  Marriage and Family Therapist Board as a licensed provider and a  Substance Abuse Professional for the Department of Transportation, as  well as a National Provider for Medicaid/Medicare. She holds certifications  in Mental Health First Aid and the Active Parenting Curriculum. Ms. Dark is  also a certified provider of Continuing Education Units.  

As an EQ Master, she uses Emotional Intelligence for Mental Health as the host and co producer of nationally syndicated, You Inc. and companion show YouTune. Found on  PRX/PRI, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Luminary, and SoundCloud. She lives with her  three children and five cats and shares a passion for animal activism raising Monarch  butterflies with her kiddos aka Team Pizza.

About the Team

Daniella Flores

Project Management/Public Relations

Daniella is a graduating senior majoring in Communication with a focus in integrated marketing and a minor in Spanish at John Carroll University. Her job is to connect 2Rogues to radio station managers to air our shows and increase audience engagement through our social media platforms. She enjoys building relationships, making connections, and helping 2Rogues grow as a company to help YOU our client. Currently she is also a manager at Boaz Fresh Lebanese Cafe, and a lead cashier at Ulta beauty. She is passionate about fashion, beauty, and traveling. During her spare time she likes to go on hikes, journal, read, and spend time with family and friends. In the future she hopes to work for a fashion magazine or a cosmetics company as their event planner or a marketing specialist.

Giana Gualda

Director of Social Media

Giana Rose Gualda is a Junior at Stonehill College with a Performing Arts Major and Minors in Communications and Creative Writing. She is interning as Director of Social Media with 8 years of experience in platforms such as Instagram,Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and Youtube.

Olivia Hoernschemeyer

Social Media Team

Olivia is a recent graduate from The Ohio State University. She has been working on the 2Rogues team since August 2020, and is part of the social media team. She is specifically in charge of running the 2Rogues Instagram page.

Alexa Hoover

Public Relations Manager

Alexa Hoover is a Public Relations Manager at 2Rogues Media. She’s a sophomore Marketing and Fashion Corporate Business major at Miami University. At Miami, she’s involved with Miami University Women In Marketing, UP Magazine, and Miami University Fashion and Design. Alexa is passionate about public relations, marketing, and social media and hopes to pursue a career within one of these fields after graduating.

Jake Kett

Web Content and Development Team

Jake Kett works on the web content and development team at 2Rogues. He is currently a computer science student at The Ohio State University in Columbus, looking to specialize in software development. In Jake’s spare time he enjoys skateboarding, as well as playing video games with his friends. And one day he hopes he will be able to work on a software that makes a difference.

Paige LaBoskey

Podcast Producer/Sound Engineer

Paige LaBoskey is the podcast producer at 2Rogues. Paige produces both You Inc. and YouTune, specifically working with PRX for national distribution of our shows. She also serves as a sound engineer and is responsible for editing, mixing and mastering podcast episodes along with providing audio recording and production consultation. Paige is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities where she studied audio production, live event production, documentary production, media, liberal arts, social justice advocacy and Spanish.

Micah Marshall

Public Relations

Micah Marshall works with Public Relations for 2Rogues. Specifically, he works on LinkedIn articles, being the author of the LinkedIn Mindfulness series. Micah is a neuroscience major in his third year with an integrative approaches to health and wellness minor at Ohio State University. As the treasurer and a volunteer meditation teacher of SKY@OSU meditation club, he regularly leads meditations while also bringing in funds to support retreats. Micah also works on two research projects, The Mindful Moment and Whole Health Ed where he explores the power of a few minutes of mindfulness in class for the Mindful Moment and works to help spread building blocks of health like mindfulness, nutrition, nature, and more to schools across Ohio. Outside of his work life, Micah loves to have meaningful get-togethers with his friends, hear people’s stories, and play sports outside with friends.


Chris Ott

Videography Team

Chris Ott is on the video team for 2Rogues/YouTune. He graduated from The Ohio State University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with his focus area being in New Media and Communication Technology. Then, he received an Associate of Arts from Columbus State Community College. While working for 2Rogues, he also works at King Memory LLC in Gahanna, OH where after just 45 days he was promoted to a leadership position in their electronic mining department. Starting in April, Chris will be enrolling at UCLA Online where he will be studying Screenwriting and Production for film.

Robert Ristaneo

Podcast Manager

Robert Ristaneo is a senior at Eastern Kentucky University. He helps manage and run the podcast side of the site.

Heather Schultz

Press and Public Relations

Heather is a Press and Public Relations Intern for 2Rogues. She is a senior at Kent State University, studying journalism with minors in both public relations and design, & a focus in fashion. Heather is interested in working in public relations, communications or marketing for a beauty or fashion brand after graduation in May 2021. She enjoys using her visual and creative abilities in her work. After graduation, Heather is planning on staying in New York City over the summer, and may eventually make the move if she finds a full-time job outside of Ohio.

Gabrielle Tismo

Press and Public Relations/Social Media Manager

Gabrielle Tismo is a Press and Public Relations/Social Media intern for 2Rogues Media Group. She is currently a sophomore at Miami University, double majoring in Strategic Communications and Political Science with a Spanish minor. At Miami she is an undergraduate teaching assistant, undergraduate Spanish research assistant, very involved in Miami’s Women in Law organization and on the executive board of her sorority, Alpha Phi. Post graduation she hope to attend law school or go into politics with a strong communications background.

Past Contributors

Miles Baker – Press and Public Relations, Olivia Balcerzak – Press Relations and Content Manager, Rachel Boakye – Post-Production Video Editor, Sarah Buckingham – Instagram Manager, Emily Chen – Facebook Manager, Sarah Cordonnier – Brand Manager, Andrew Cui – Web Development Team, Damon Davine – Videography Team, Sarah Dilz – Social Media Manager, Abigail Edminster – Social Media Manager, Caitlin Engelhardt – Social Media Content Manager, Chris Griffin – Youtube Manager, Miranda Hladik – Staff Photographer, Samantha Jander – Press and Public Relations, Akira Jakkson – Film Post-Production Editor, Mallory Jones – Engagement Specialist, Dae Kim – Videography Team, Kelly Krier – Facebook Manager, Natalie Kunce – LinkedIn/Newsletter Team, Dana Larison – Public Relations, Harvey Li – Web Development Team, Christie Little – Web Development Team, Mia Maendler – Press and Public Relations, MaryRose Moore – Instagram Content Team, Dayvon Nichols, Victoria Read – YouTube Manager/Editor, Bridget Sarpong – LinkedIn/Newsletter/Mailchimp Team, Marlee Stollar – Youtube Manager, Derrick White – Web Content and Development Team, Olivia Wilford – Photographer, Christopher Wood – Videography Team, Alexis Wooten – Spotify Podcast Manager, Tony Zhou – Web Development Team