You Inc. Episode 19: Figuring Out Festivals with Civic Leader & Festival Organizer Erin Corrigan

Bonnaroo, Lalapalooza, Coachella, these are just a few examples of the huge music festivals that you can enjoy with your entire city, state, country and, in some instances, the world. If you are not a concert person, there are other types of festivals taking place every minute around the world so that you will never be without at least one festival to spike your interest. Learn from Erin Corrigan about how to find the festival you need to experience life with your future friends.


The Commercialization of Music Festivals and the Rise of Super Concerts by Pete Mason
Why Festivals Are More Popular Than Ever by Alessandra Giovarruscio
The Technological Wonders of Coachella 2017 by Eran Ryan

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